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Parents & Guardians

Learn how to talk to your kids about why marriage matters and guide them to preparing well for a healthy future marriage. Be an advocate for the instruction of abstinence and marriage in your local school district so that youth have an opportunity to hear this message.


Educators & Youth Leaders

Be confident in presenting a clear and compelling message to youth about the objective benefits of choosing sexual abstinence for marriage. Encourage abstinence and marriage to be included in your school’s program so that the next generation sees marriage as a good and worthy goal worth striving for.


Policy Makers

Write and support pro marriage and family legislation to benefit our young people's futures. Support abstinence only education in our schools.

Spread the message.

We will help you.  


Prepare teens well.

Give them hope.

We equip adults with the tools to help teens think through and make the best choices for their futures. Especially, when it comes to having a successful future marriage and family.

Teens need guidance on marriage and family

Did you know that most teens want to get married and have a family?

University of Michigan research indicates that 9 in 10 high school seniors aspire to a healthy future marriage and family.

Teens receive confusing messages

But, teens receive

confusing messages!

The truth is that everywhere they turn (peers, social media, tv and film) teens are getting mixed messages about sex, marriage, and family.  Most all of these sources are not giving them the facts about the best choices to make to set the foundation for a healthy future marriage. As well as "why" saving all sexual activity for marriage matters.

That's why they need your input to make sure that they have the opportunity to hear a clear message on how to obtain a successful, future marriage.

Partner with us today!

About Us

The National Marriage Campaign's goal is to lift up marriage and family to the youth of this generation. We do this by coming alongside adults to help them talk to teens and decision makers about the best choices that young people can make for a healthy and successful future marriage and family.  Specifically, focusing on getting a good education, a good job, and reserving all sexual activity for marriage.

Marriage is a good and worth goal to strive for

Community Impact Packet

We have designed a special Community Impact Packet for you to download or have mailed to you.  In it you will find all of the help that you will need to make an impact in your community.  We have data and charts with real facts about why marriage matters.  Also, there are talking points to guide you through discussions with your teens, school boards and policy makers.  We provide personal stories to encourage and inspire you.  As well as our contact information, if you want to schedule an event to have Scott Phelps give a presentation.  

Marriage is wonderful!

Listen to our Podcast

Join Scott Phelps in bringing truth to today's media regarding sex & marriage.



Become a partner.  Speak up.  Make a difference. You can be the answer to bringing the message of why marriage matters to your community! Our kids desperately need your help to hear this message.


Meet the team

Our team cares deeply about making sure teens have the opportunity to hear a clearly reasoned message for why marriage matters and are presented with the choice of reserving all sexual activity for marriage.

Promote marriage.

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